Hunting Ammunition: Rifles and Shotguns

The Original from the Pioneer.

The only ammunition available for hunting in the early 20th century was the one used by armed forces. Wilhelm Brenneke was a pioneer in the development of modern hunting ammunition. His aim was to produce ammunition that kills game quickly without causing unnecessary wounds or suffering.
Ammunition engineers were facing challenging tasks initiated by demanding hunting principles including game preservation and stalking signs such as the exit wound represented.

At the manufacturer.

While Brenneke set benchmarks in the construction of rifle ammunition, he also invented the first modern slug for shotguns: a large caliber slug that travels slower than a bullet, but – due to its heavy mass – releases energy much faster in the game. Because of its universal usability, this invention prevailed: a BRENNEKE slug is suitable with all shotgun barrels, with or without choke and for all kind of hoofed game as well as big game.

Overview ammunition types

Rifle Ammunition

Binocular partial fragmentation projectiles

A BRENNEKE development:
Binuclear partial fragmentation projectiles are designed to disassemble the front, softer lead core in the game's body. Numerous splitter and fragments of the bullet jacket release the necessary energy. The rear, harder lead core stays compact and provides an exit wound.

Controlled Expansion Bullet based on a Strong Jacket Construction

A BRENNEKE development:
Mushrooming the very moment it hits the game's body, the controlled expansion bullet enlarges its diameter thus releasing its energy all along its course. Maximum killing impact and exit wound are almost always guaranteed.

Shotgun Ammunition

Shotgun Ammunition

Used for fowling and hunting small game, a certain amount of lead projectiles is shot in a cone of fire. The range is limited. Individual lead shots deform as they hit the game's body. Simultaneous impingement causes the shock that leads to a sudden death.

Shotgun Bullet Ammunition

Hunting hoof game a shotgun bullet is loaded instead of a shot cartridge. Rather than many small lead balls, the shotgun bullet contains one massive projectile. Depending on the construction and the sight setting, it can be used on a 50 meter and sometimes even on a 100 meter range. Due to its reliable stopping power, shotgun bullet ammunition is a high performer at still hunting or driven hunts. Shooting at a stand (running boar) before hunting with this kind of ammunition is vital.

Ammunition Construction

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