Hightech Ammunition Development

Hunting ammunition is considered one of the most sophisticated types of ammunition on the market. A cutting-edge bullet construction lays the foundation for the most crucial success factors:

  • reliable knock-down power according to best hunting practice
  • unmistakable stalking signs such as a sharp cutting edge
  • best possible game preservation
  • optimal penetration for best ballistics

    Design, material and loading form the cornerstones for innovation development. Becoming increasingly important is the "lead-free" topic. Many products in the market cannot compete with the impact of ammunition that contains lead. In our BRENNEKE laboratory we thrive to continuously optimize renown quality. Following our tradition, we are still promoting pioneering work for succesful expert hunting.

    Supporting high versatility of all rifle cartridges and shotgun slugs, our BRENNEKE research lab focuses on three main aims:

    • ongoing optimization of precision and performance
    • continuous expansion of the BRENNEKE product range 
    • development of new bullet types
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