Special Forces Short Magnum:

Threats come in many forms these days, sometimes driving a vehicle, sometimes hiding behind a wall. Urban and CQB situations require a unique projectile—one of unequalled penetration and stopping power at medium ranges.

Special Forces Short Magnum

Available calibers
12/70(34,0 g/525 grs)

Stopping Power At Medium Ranges

The massive frontal area, exceptionally hard alloys and distinctive Brenneke weightforward design of the SFSM® will penetrate many vehicles, doors, even some walls, putting an end to the threat right here, right now.

  • 12/70
Ballistic Data
Distance 0 25 50 75 100
Velocity (m/s) 450 399 358 328 305
Energy (J) 3443 2706 2179 1829 1581
Trajectory (cm) -2,00 +1,00 0,00 -5,90 -17,60
Caliber Packaging unit Weight Item No.
12/70 5 units 34 g/525 grs 120677

Sale of ammunition to holders of appropriate permits and authorizations only.

Fire or projection hazard.
Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. — No smoking.
Keep only in original container.
Fight fire with normal precautions from a reasonable distance.

Slug Construction

Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of a SFSM® slug:

  • Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage
  • Patented rear slides into point after the impact
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