Condensed Power Hitting the Mark.

Good tools are essential for success. Hence, expert hunting and high-performance ammunition belong together. BRENNEKE ammunition links both: enormous knockdown power and best possible game preservation. Its sharp cutting edge and outstanding penetration efficiency ensure an exit wound and clear signs for stalking.

Your great pride. Our small contribution.

Complete success! No messing around: you brought the game down following the best hunting principles. Due to its highly reliable terminal ballistics your BRENNEKE rifle ammunition has released maximum energy into the game’s body unfolding its stopping power at lightning speed. Absolutely safe and accurate. For proud trophies.

Best Practice

A pioneer's experience is priceless. Yet, BRENNEKE hunting ammunition – rifle as well as slug – is renowned for its excellent price-performance ratio. We are proud to offer you true German craftsmanship – because 120 years after the invention of the shotgun bullet our focus is still on quality and precision. There is no question about it, if you are looking for original expert hunting ammunition, the answer is simply: BRENNEKE.

Barrel Fouling - BRENNEKE explains

What does Barrel Fouling mean?

Whether you shoot with ammunition that contains lead or is lead-free, the bullet is always pushed through the barrel with a spin. The difference between groove diameter and field caliber with caliber .30, for instance, is 0.2 millimeter. Depending on the caliber, the bullet is subject to a gas pressure between 3000 and 4400 bar. If and how much remains in the barrel depends on the bullet construction or the bullet's surface. Abrasion has to be removed regularly, otherwise it may have a negative impact on the weapon's precision. Attention: Depending on the type of ammunition, residues can narrow the diameter if the barrel is not cleaned regularly. This may cause a dangerous increase in gas pressure leading up to malfunction as well as to serious or fatal injuries due to an explosion.

Is Barrel Fouling a problem with lead-free rifle ammunition?

With or without lead, all rifle ammunition causes barrel fouling. Due to the construction of lead-containing jacket bullets, fouling is manageable. Tombak plated bullets may cause more fouling. However, we recommend a good, regular clean – especially with high shooting frequencies! 
Monolithicly built, lead-free bullets lack the core which may result in heavier fouling. Considering the multitude of the models in the market, various low quality constructions from less experienced manufacturers are being used, increasing the risk of enhanced barrel fouling. After only a few shots (approx. 20 – 30), the gas pressure may rise so sharply that it exceeds the legal limits.

Maximum security with lead-free BRENNEKE rifle ammunition

BRENNEKE offers two different constructions of lead-free rifle bullets:



Like most lead-free rifle bullets, the BRENNEKE TAG® is a monolithic bullet made from high-purity copper. It shows so called guide flanks that, together with the Molybdenum disulfide coating (MoS2) which is responsible for the dark colour of the bullet, help avoid a rise in pressure when pushing it into the land-groove profile of the barrel and reduce barrel fouling.  Due to its barrel sparing characteristics, this has been popular with long-range shooters for decades.

In addition BRENNEKE employs propellants with special additives when loading their rifle bullets in order to avoid build-up of barrel fouling. While many competitors' cartridges exceed the maximum permissible pressure (PTmax) after only a few shots, TAG® still shows good results after dozens of shots.

TUG® nature +

TUG® nature +

BRENNEKE TUG® nature + is the world-leading lead-free jacket bullet. It includes the same copper/nickel-plated steel jacket that has been approved for more than 100 years with its lead-containing siblings TIG® and TUG®. The extraordinary sliding characteristics of this plating along with the bullet design ensure that the barrel is in good condition even after a large number of shots. Additionally, the propellant with additives is used for the TUG® nature +. Test are showing good results after high-fire rates.

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