Don't debate. Benefit.

It was Wilhelm Brenneke who invented expert hunting ammunition in the 19th century. Today, BRENNEKE has revolutionized lead-free ammunition. Why? Because we want you to indulge in the best high quality ammunition can give you: first-class game.
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Ballistic gelatine shows the immediate release of energy and the outstanding depth penetration with exit.

Lead-free rifle ammunition for precious game.

Game is among the best quality, most sustainable and eco-friendly food we have access to. However, toxic heavy metals from ammunition containing lead might pose a health hazard if they get into our food chain.

Did you know?

As a matter of fact, lead-free ammunition is obligatory in FSC-certified forestry. More and more masters of the hunt are in favour of this and it is reasonable to presume that according legislation will follow. Whether your decision is driven by responsibility, revenue or regulations, BRENNEKE is your partner for lead-free ammunition. As pioneers of hunting ammunition, we are dedicated to providing you with high performance tin and copper bullets of proven quality.

Safety on all levels.

Lead-free bullets are often blamed for causing barrel fouling and an increased risk of gun explosions. Check out the facts and learn why lead-free BRENNEKE ammunition is your safe choice.Read more

100 % valuable investment.

Use lead-free BRENNEKE ammunition and enjoy premium meat quality. It's more than a healthy choice. Lead-free ammunition is a premium investment. We know from experience: consumers are willing to pay more for the game.

What a test shooter had to say about TUG® nature +:

"If I didn't know that TUG® nature + was a lead-free bullet, I would say that it's the best lead-containing ammunition I have ever used."

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