Perfect Precision in Every Barrel.

As accurate as it gets. Day after day. Since 1919.

Renowned for its outstanding penetration, this is a classic for hunting young boars and roe deer. TIG® continuously proves to be one of the most successful bullets for all light and moderately heavy types of game on a worldwide scale. The design of the TIG® causes a mushroom-like deformation of the harder rear core, along with a maximum release of energy facilitated by the copper/nickel-plated jacket. In addition, the jacket provides optimal penetration and utmost precision.


Available calibers
7 mm(11,5 g /177 grs)
8 mm S(12,8 g/198 grs)
.30(9,7 g /150 grs)

First of May: A complete success.

On the first of May, my friend Rudi and I were hunting just before dawn. Suddenly, I spotted a weak yearling. The distance was good, approx. 130 meters, and the game stood broadside as I fired the shot. After a short period of wriggling it went quietly into the woods. Soon afterwards, I heard my mobile phone ringing: Rudi told me that he had shot two bucks. We enjoyed a great evening till dusk when I got another chance to break the silence. Four hunting successes in one day! As a hunter, it makes my heart leap when shooting plans go so well.

Greetings from the Palatinate Forest,

Markus Thiem

  • 7 x 57
  • 7 x 57 R
  • 7 x 64
  • 7 x 65 R
  • 7mm Rem. Mag.
  • .30-06
  • .308 Win.
  • 8 x 57 JS
  • 8 x 57 JRS
  • 8 x 64 S
  • 8 x 68 S
Ballistic Data
Distance 0 100 150 200 300
Velocity (m/s) 760 681 644 607 538
Energy (J) 3321 2668 2381 2120 1665
100 m (cm) -5,00 0,00 -5,20 -16,10 -59,10
GEE157,00m (cm) -5,00 +4,00 +0,80 -8,20 -47,20
Caliber Packaging unit Weight Item No.
7 x 57 20 units 11,5 g/177 grs 050935

Sale of ammunition to holders of appropriate permits and authorizations only.

Fire or projection hazard.
Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. — No smoking.
Keep only in original container.
Fight fire with normal precautions from a reasonable distance.

Bullets for reloading

Caliber Diameter Weight Art.-Nr.
7 mm ø .284 11,5 g /177 grs 550235
.30 ø .308 9,7 g /150 grs 550335
8 mm S ø .323 12,8 g /198 grs 550435

25 Units per package.

How partial fragmentation projectiles work.

The binuclear partial fragmentation projectile was invented by BRENNEKE. After hitting the game's body, the front core breaks while the rear ensures deep penetration and an exit wound. In other words: maximum release of energy and stopping power that matches the size of the game. Thanks to the original BRENNEKE sharp cutting edge, there will be a blood trail to follow when stalking escaping game.  Universal binuclear partial fragmentation projectiles are ideal for all types and sizes of game. The BRENNEKE range includes the Torpedo Ideal Bullet TIG® and the Torpedo Universal Bullet TUG®, as well as the BASIC Bullet.

Bullet Construction

Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of TIG®:

  • Jacket bullet construction with outstanding penetration due to CuNi-plating minimizes barrel fouling
  • Sharp edge cuts through hair and skin
  • Rear, harder lead core ensures mushrooming with maximum energy release
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