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Press reports

Here you can download and read articles on our products that were published in the media. Find our press releases in the bottom part.

Loading data

QuickLOAD is a popular software to caculate loading data and create ballistic tables. The file "QuickLOAD.bul" contains the relevant data for all BRENNEKE bullets to use with QuickLOAD. Please copy it into the program directory QuickLOAD/data/bullets.

Note: Your web browser might open the file as text in a new browser window. If that happens, right-click the link, then chose "save as", to save QuickLOAD.bul to your computer.

Shooting reports

Please send your report to: Brenneke Ammunition GmbH, Postfach 1646, 30837 Langenhagen, Germany, Fax: +49-511 / 972 62 62 or to For any questions please contact our service hotline: +49 - 800 – BRENNEKE (27 36 63 53). (Free of charge from within Germany.)

Thank you.

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