Hand in Hand: Hunting and Nature Conservation

Active Nature Conservation

You can only hunt successfully in an intact natural environment. Therefore, Brenneke believes in a natural connection between nature conservation and hunting, as both ensure that the natural environment will be healthy for years to come. A close cooperation between nature conservationists and hunters is the prerequisite for maintaining a natural environment rich in wildlife.

Sustainable Commitment

The innovative and professional approach of the »Aktion Fischotterschutz e.V. (OTTER-ZENTRUM)« has prompted Brenneke to commit itself to conserving the otter and its habitat over the last 30 years.

The success of the past decades encourages us to continue along this path of cooperation between nature conservation and hunting. Our environment and future generations will benefit.

Why the otter?

This almost extinct connoisseur of fish is considered to be a “leading animal”. Wherever otters feel at home, there is clean water and other animals also have good livelihoods. You can find more information at:



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