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No kidding: If you take the "big pill", you want big impact – with as little risks and side effects as possible. The BRENNEKE slug is designed for huge mass stopping power that excels the impact of any bullet – on drive hunts as well as on African big game. And it comes with an important safety factor for hunters: since it flies at a relatively slow speed a diverted slug can be heard easily. On the other hand: supersonic bullets cannot be heard which is why even splinters may cause severe or even fatal injuries. In other words: before firing  a bullet, the hunter has to take care of security and a necessary backstop.   Read more

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Shuttlecock and slug ammunition, is it absurd to compare the two? As a matter of fact, their ballistic principle is very similar: the centre of gravity lies at the front.

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As part of the typical BRENNEKE design the trajectory is stabilized by a plug. It also shows angular ribs to avoid a spin and ensure a smooth choke passage. The result: even heavy game will be stopped reliably on a shooting distance of 50 meters.

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Modern BRENNEKE slugs provide top performance and unrivalled precision.
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Depending on the manufacturer, the acceptable diameter of a cal. 12 shotgun barrel is between 18,2 and 18,9 mm. Therefore, Brenneke provides a broad range of cartridges for every hunter to try different variations and find out the best possible solution. Five-shot groups of less than 10 cm at 100 m are possible from modern shotguns using Brenneke slugs.

5 shots classic at 50 metres

Brenneke slugs offer excellent power and accuracy at all reasonable ranges. Depending upon the cartridge, precise and fatal shots can be made well beyond 100 m. The use of a scope will allow accurate shot placement at longer distances. Open sights should be used only at close ranges.


A slug travels only half as fast as a rifle bullet. Therefore the conscientious hunter aims with a greater lead on a fast running prey. Responsible hunters should practice regularly with slugs on moving targets.


A common misconception is that slugs tend to ricochet more than rifle cartridges. Investigations by renowned trade journals and research institutes do not confirm this. Even if slugs do not break up, they do not represent any larger danger than rifle cartridges, from which even the smallest splinter leads to incalculable risk.


BRENNEKE slugs (with the exception of the “Gold” and “SuperSabot” cartridges) are suitable for all types of chokes. Even a tight full choke is not a problem. The BRENNEKE design with angular ribs is not to create spin, but to ensure problem-free choke passage.


While the German Federal Hunting Law requires a minimum energy of 2000 joules at 100 m for rifle rounds, slugs are not subject to this regulation! The legislator has recognised that slugs have a more-than-adequate effect due to their design. Therefore, the “Brenneke” can be used on any game animal without restriction. 

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